New semester brings noticeable changes in La Cantina


This type of sandwich will no longer be in La Cantina at CSU-Pueblo because of the takeover of Einstein Bros. Bagel. Photo from morguefile.com
Some CSU-Pueblo students showed frustrations due to the removal of Sub Generation, regardless of the addition of Einstein Bros. Bagels in La Cantina.

The perspectives have varied between disappointments of the resulting lack of healthy choices, the loss of a quality as well as a vegetarian dining selections, to the inability to order a sandwich that one may be craving on a particular day.

“I believe it was a poor choice on behalf of La Cantina because it was one of the only healthy food options that they had downstairs,” said Ariel Jameson, a senior English major.

Janelle George, sophomore elementary education major, said that she was really sad about the loss of Sub Generation and that she liked having the healthier alternative rather than burgers, burritos and Italian food.
In addition to the loss of a healthy option, the replacement of Sub Generation in La Cantina also dissipates from the quality, as well as the limited vegetarian selections available.

“I don’t like it. That was the last place that had consistent quality,” said Akeem Hutchinson, a junior computer information systems major.

Amanda Norris, junior art history major, said it is weird to be without the same options this year, especially if you did not want to get something with meat; although it won’t be affecting her, since she only ate at Sub Generation once in the past.

To some however, the disappointment could originate from something as simple as the loss of opportunity to satisfy the craving of a sub sandwich on a daily basis.

Antonio Reyes, a sophomore business management and marketing major, said he used to eat at Sub Generation a lot, and would like to have the sandwich back for those days in which he craves them.

Other dining issue that students living on campus have encountered is that Einstein Bros. Bagels does not accept meal plans for its services, which limits the dining choices to three meal plan options. In previous years students had four choices.

The loss of Sub Generation is not the only change students have encountered so far this semester in La Cantina, as the pizza and grilled cheese options are no longer available as part of the meal plan.

Although many students are generally disappointed about the modifications of La Cantina, there are few who are in favor of them, especially now that Einstein Bros. Bagels are here to stay.

Rebekah Krech, a graphic design major in her sophomore year, expressed excitement over these changes when she said, “Having an Einstein’s was worth risking the sub sandwiches.”

One other contribution to the favoring of Einstein Bros. Bagels replacing Sub Generation could be to the familiarity that the new addition has among students.

Jerrika Velasco, a sophomore athletic training major said, she had one sandwich at Sub Generation and did not like it. She always liked Einstein Bros. Bagels, and was excited when she heard of the new addition to La Cantina.