New sorority comes to campus


Jasmin French

On Nov. 17, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was established at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, also known as AKA, is the first Greek sorority established by African-American college women and is one of the most prestigious sororities in the entire world.

The AKA sorority is the first African-American, Greek-life sorority or fraternity to be established on the CSU-Pueblo campus in all of its 80 years.

A few years back, a few African-American female students started an organization called B.A.B.E.S.  This organization’s primary goal was to bring a historically black sorority to campus so that black women could have the opportunity to come together and stand for something.

The women of B.A.B.E.S then decided to open their organization to those women who wanted to pledge AKA to use as a transition process.

Vanessa Emerson, president of the B.A.B.E.S organization, researched ways to get black sororities on campus. According to a few girls who recently pledged AKA, this was a very difficult process because a few of the sororities contacted didn’t feel as though there was a big enough black female student population on campus to establish a chapter.

AKA sorority allowed the women on the CSU-Pueblo campus to charter a chapter with a minimum of twelve women.

These women have chosen to remain anonymous for this article because they still have to officially come out as AKA’s to the campus.

Although the women have officially been established as women of the AKA sorority, they still have to probate, which means that the still have to establish the will to be in this sorority.

The probate is an open and public event. Students and staff can attend this event, which will be held Dec. 5 in the OUC underground at 7 p.m.

Video footage can be found here.

Courtesy of Latanya Tidwell-Dibble