No big arrests for campus sheriff’s office


The sheriff’s office at Colorado State University-Pueblo had an exceptionally slow semester and attended to mainly lock-outs and assists with a very low number of criminal charges being pressed, according to Sergeant Ray DeBiase.

DeBiase moved from Chicago in the ’80s and has seen many things in his 14-year career, but didn’t expect the college life to be so uneventful.

“I have seen so much in my career unbelievable stuff that nobody should ever see. This is kind of a god send,” the sergeant said.

The atmosphere at the college, DeBiase said, is awesome. He said he has never seen young people who have enough respect for each other to turn in expensive lost property, such as diamond rings or laptops.

“That doesn’t happen everywhere,” the sergeant said, and partially credits the good fortune to the size, location and the good atmosphere of CSU-Pueblo. 

DeBiase said he expects the parties because it is part of the college experience, but noted they never get out of hand so he tries not to hover.

Due to the influx of students last semester, the sheriff’s office was a little busier than usual, DeBiase said.

“It’s just a matter of playing the odds,” the sergeant said, the more people you have the more incidents may occur.

The sergeant mentioned even though some kids behave like “knuckleheads,” they seem to learn quickly and eventually become model students or find another avenue in life.

“The ones that stay, end up being some pretty neat kids,” DeBiase said. “They have just never been on their own.”

DeBiase said he enjoys his job, being on campus, educating students about alcoholism and other problems students may encounter and has great respect for his staff.

“We are dedicated to the university,” DeBiase said.

The seven officers on staff at the sheriff’s department’s sub-station are not called away from campus unless it is an emergency.

“I love my staff. I trust them. I trust their work,” DeBiase said. “I trust their abilities and that’s a good thing to have. I can sleep at night.”