Noyce Scholarship looks for students interested in teaching

The Noyce Scholars Program and the Noyce Foundation were founded in 1990.. Photo courtesy of www.phystec.org

The Noyce Scholars Program is offered to any student interested in teaching K-12 mathematics, or students that have a degree in engineering, mathematics or science.

Anyone interested in teaching is encouraged to attend an informational meeting on Feb. 13, at 3:00 p.m., in the Physics and Mathematics Building, room 103.

Freshman and sophomores that come to the session will learn about scholarships and internships currently offered. Juniors and seniors that attend the session will receive an application for the Noyce Scholarship.

Robert Noyce, the co-inventor of the integrated circuit, was also the co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and Intel in 1968.  Noyce had 16 patents in his name. His family founded the Noyce Scholars Program and the Noyce Foundation in 1990.

The Noyce Scholarship offers up to $14,000 annually to complete a mathematics-teaching license. One-year stipends, which offer for up to $24,000 are available to applicants who go on to complete a mathematics-teaching license.

The amount of the Noyce Scholarship will vary depending the actual cost of attendance for the winner. Winning the scholarship will cover tuition and fees, an allowance for books, supplies, transportation and also miscellaneous personal expenses.

The Noyce Scholars Program is a group effort from the faculty in the mathematics and physics department and also with the Teacher Education Program at Colorado State University-Pueblo.  The faculty consists of four community colleges, two local school districts and five community partners.

Students interested in applying for the Noyce Scholars Program could start by filling out the application at http://csm.colostate-pueblo.edu/Mathematics/RobertNoyceScholarsProgram/Pages/default.aspx.

When filling out the application, students will also need to provide an unofficial transcript and two letters of recommendation.

The first letter of recommendation should be written by a faculty member in the mathematics department. It needs to list your strengths in mathematical preparation and what your potential to succeed in an upper division math course would be. The first letter also needs to express your success as a teacher who is looking to teach secondary mathematics.

The second letter of recommendation is a letter that needs to be written by a faculty member of the Teacher Education Program. This letter is supposed to show your strengths as a secondary teacher. This letter also needs to express your mathematical content knowledge that you have learned.

“The Noyce Scholars program supports students who are majoring in mathematics and secondary education,” Janet Nichols, associate professor of mathematics said.

The winners of the scholarship and stipends are required to commit to teaching two years in a high-needs school district for each year of the Noyce Scholarship.

Winners are also required to hold a 2.765 GPA or higher and be either a full or part time student.

For more information about the Noyce Scholars Program contact Nichols at (719)549-2642 or e-mail her at janet.nichols@colostate-pueblo.edu.