Pink Floyd’s music comes alive with lasers

Photo courtesy of Paramount's Laser Spectacular
Photo courtesy of Paramount’s Laser Spectacular


Excitement was in the air last Friday as Pink Floyd fans, old and young gathered at Pueblo’s Memorial Hall for the highly anticipated Laser Spectacular. Once the crowd made their way to their seats, 3-D glasses in hand, the lights dimmed, and suddenly the entire auditorium was transformed into a psychedelic, rainbow world surrounded by Pink Floyd’s music.

The show began with songs from the “Dark Side of the Moon” album. As the classic songs played, bright lasers synced perfectly with each note and lyric.

Neon clocks and watches melted to the tune of “Time.”  Flashing green dollar signs fell from the sky when “Money,” one of Pink Floyd’s most memorable songs began.

A portion of the album was synced with “The Wizard of Oz,” which some Floyd-heads will say was done on purpose by the band.

One avid fan remarked, “It works perfectly every time, man.“

“The Wall,” arguably one of Pink Floyds’ most critically acclaimed and well-known albums, was highlighted after intermission.

The crushing sounds of bricks crashing down brought the wide-eyed audience members into the action. Images from the movie of the same name, flashed all around, and the audience shouted for the “teachers”, who were dancing in laser form, to “leave those kids alone!”

Pink Floyd’s lyrics have a way of stirring their listeners, and when the song “Mother” came on, the singer asked “should I trust the government?” The excited audience boomed, “No!”

The show was alive with the music and energy of Pink Floyd, and when it finally ended, there was a sense of people coming together with a common love of good music. People introduced themselves to one another, and laughed about how cool is was to see Pink Floyd here in Pueblo.


Classic rock band Pink Floyd is notorious for combining some of the most difficult and well played rock music with their own brand of insane, mind-warping banter. Weird, genius and trippy, are just a few words that pop up when Pink Floyd fans are asked to describe the band.

Throw some lasers into the mix, and you have one of the most sought after shows in the country: “Paramount’s Laser Spectacular, featuring the music of Pink Floyd.”

This Friday, Memorial Hall, in downtown Pueblo, and Global Spectrum will be presenting the show, which has been touring the country for over 25 years. Pink Floyd fans in Pueblo are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience it, because it is the only stop for the production in Colorado.

The show will boast high definition video effects, 10,000 laser beams, and extraordinary sound. The music will be from two of Pink Floyd’s most popular albums, “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall.”

Each year, something brand new is added to the show, keeping it as surprising and fresh as the band’s music itself. And a pair of 3D glasses will be provided to each audience member, just in case they want to experience a more mind-altering view of the two and a half-hour show.

If you enjoy the music of Pink Floyd, surreal lasers or just escaping reality for a while, then “Paramount’s Laser Spectacular featuring the music of Pink Floyd” is not to be missed.

The show is rated “E” for everyone, and starts at 7 p.m. at Memorial Hall. Tickets are $32, or $35 if you buy them the day of the show.

Like the band said, “Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner and shine.” The show should be an event that music lovers in Pueblo will not soon forget.