Pinstripe Ale Beer Review


Welcome back, everybody, to the CSU-Pueblo weekly beer review. For the four of you reading this, my name is Eric, I work at a liquor store, and I’m graded on my ability to drink beer and then tell you if it’s any good or not…usually the next morning.This week’s beer is Pinstripe Red Ale, brought to you by the good people over at Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado. A special request from our very own Editor in Chief here at the CSU-Pueblo Today, Pinstripe is an American red/amber ale with a label illustrating a fedora-sporting skull hovering over some exploding bowling pins. Though a seemingly random choice at the moment, it couldn’t have proved more appropriate. That very night I had my ass handed to me by the lane jockeys down at Bowlero bowling, what with their fancy curve techniques, snide little comments and $2 hustles. All I had was my chili fries, my bright orange house ball, and my pride! I battled it out best I could…but I’m no pro. I left with an empty wallet, an agitated ego, and a belly full of mild green chili…

Good thing I had a six pack waiting for me! All the irritations of the night slid into the gutter as I popped the top off that first bottle of Pinstripe Red Ale.

Pinstripe Red Ale has a fine amber color when in your favorite pint glass, crowned with a thin white head. It has a faint, sweet smell, almost like that of a caramel apple. Taste wise, it has a vague toasted hop flavor with the aforementioned caramel creeping in here and there when you’re paying attention. The consistency of the beer, unfortunately, is a little watery, making the flavor faint. This can be good or bad, depending on your mindset I suppose, but if you want a beer you can’t taste, you might as well pick up something cheap like Natural Light.

All in all, I give Pinstripe Red Ale a 3 out of 5. With good presentation, a fine color and a pleasant scent and flavor, it’s by no means a bad beer. I was just hoping for something bolder from an ale with a skull on it. The fact that it’s roughly $7.99 a six pack only confirms that I’ll be drinking this on rare occasion…like if I gamble at bowling again.