Prizm hosts National Coming Out Day at CSU-Pueblo


National Coming Out Day was Sunday, Oct. 11 and it symbolized people who are proud to be gay.

Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender Ally student organization, Prizm, presented National Coming Out Day on Monday, Oct. 12.

Some students read some students’ coming out stories, asked questions about Prizm and they talked to some of the organization’s members.

Students could have signed up to join the group as well.

According to the group’s brochure, the organization was founded September 2008.

Alycia Harper, a junior, mass communications major and Prizm’s secretary, said the purpose of it was to promote LGBT awareness and promote awareness of the program.

Harper said the event is annual. The group’s motive is to make students aware of the events and opportunities they provide throughout the rest of the year.

“They (students) can learn about meeting times, upcoming events, the more the merrier,” Harper said.

Prizm’s officers and members typed their coming out stories. The coming out stories were posted on three white poster boards.

“Whether you’re gay or straight, we want to make it known that there are gay people on campus, they are normal individuals,” Harper said.

Harper said one of the organization’s mission statements is to inform gay people about social issues in the LGBT community. It’s for people to address these issues because they can understand what’s occurring.

Another mission statement is to “provide a safe haven for members and allies of the LGBT community and allows them to express themselves and enlighten, educationally, the CSU-Pueblo community,” according to Prizm’s brochure.

Freshman Steven Barnes, said the event caught his attention and he thought about joining the organization. He also said he learned some information about Prizm. Barnes said he thought people were courageous for admitting they’re gay.

Freshman social work major Valentina Smith is a member of Prizm and said the event impacted her because it was set up near the campus bookstore inside Occhiato University Center.

Smith said the colors and symbols on the white poster boards were the most attractive things.

However, Smith said the stories were difficult to read because of the small font. She suggested quotes from the stories could have been posted on a poster board.

All students are able to join Prizm. Meetings are scheduled every other Tuesday at 5 p.m. in CSU-Pueblo’s Diversity Resource Center.