Pueblo Votes promotes upcoming election

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4
Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4

Get your pencils sharpened, Pueblo, because it’s time to vote. There are many important issues on the ballot this year, and with so many resources to help you cast your ballot, voting in Pueblo couldn’t be easier.

Voting has long been an important right in this country. If you are passionate about an issue, don’t like the way something is being run or just enjoy politics, voting is the gateway to change. In Pueblo, there are more than a few passionate voters trying to make a difference.

According to Rebecca Packard, a member of the Pueblo County Election Board, Pueblo is in good shape this voting season.

“Pueblo County has around 90,000 active, registered voters who were sent a ballot for the November election. Of course, not all of those people will choose to cast their vote. The Election Department is expecting a return of about 60,000 ballots for this election. It is always harder to get people interested in voting during a midterm election. People are much more excited to vote in presidential elections,” Packard said.

However, midterm elections should get people just as excited. With pressing issues such as Obamacare, birth control and the environment on the ballot, Pueblo residents should be first in line to vote.

“We have been working hard on getting our new programs, particularly ballot tracking, up and running. We would like to see more people sign up to track their ballots. This service is incredibly user-friendly and helps with voter security and peace of mind.” Packard said.

One easy way to take part in the voting process is to get involved with the election department through Pueblo Votes and the national program, “Get Out the Vote.”

Packard explained that Pueblo Votes is a non-partisan, community oriented “Get Out the Vote” program that is run by the election department. It focuses on registering new voters, informing and educating the public, and community outreach.

This election, Pueblo Votes has brought ballot tracking to Pueblo County. This innovative program works to track ballots through the mail system the same way you would track a package. Voters can watch their ballots and receive notifications about it every step of the process, from the time it is printed at the vendor, until it is received for processing back in the office. You can sign up for ballot tracking at any time on pueblovotes.com.

Pueblo Votes has been community oriented since its inception. With booths at almost every festival and CSU-Pueblo activity, Pueblo Votes has been promoting voting in the community. Officials have spoken at political party meetings and in college classrooms. The public is even invited to take tours of the downtown voter registration office to see the process in action.

Packard explained that the Pueblo County Election Department is a branch of the county clerk’s office that handles all election related business in Pueblo County. This includes registering new voters, updating voter info such as change of address, or cleaning up the voter rolls by removing deceased voters and voters who have moved out of state.

“We handle every step of the process, from registration and issuing ballots, all the way to verifying and counting the ballots.” Packard said.

Since the election is right around the corner, the voter service, polling centers and drop off locations are open so people can vote. More information, including locations and times can be found on the Pueblo Votes Facebook page, at pueblovotes.com or at county.pueblo.org.