Rocking around the country: Vans Warped Tour 2013 Preview

This Sunday, June 30, at the Mile High Football Stadium in Denver 77 bands will rock ‘n’ roll across 10 different stages for a spectacular one day stop in Colorado. photo courtesy of officialwarped.tumblr.com.

Denver Colorado. Are you ready for the “best day of your life?” Well if you’re into rock and roll, can stand the heat and want to experience a wide assortment of new and popular bands then you may be in for a special delight.

This Sunday  June 30, at the Mile High Football Stadium in Denver 77 bands will rock ‘n’ roll across 10 different stages for a spectacular one day stop in Colorado. That’s right, the Vans 2013 Warped Tour is finally here marking its 19th annual musical touring experience.

The party starts at 11 a.m. and continues throughout the entire day. Each band gets to demonstration their musical gifts for 30 minutes save for main event performers who conclude the show with hour long presentations. The music is mainly rock and pop/rock but there are a few contemporary bands thrown into the mix.

Besides bringing together the largest collection of bands for a single concert, Vans Warped Tour also conveys several unique features to the table. One of which is new talent and first time performers.

Although to thin out the quantity of new timers, the non-veteran bands are usually required to earn their spots among their other well-known piers. One band in particular is dubbed the “BBQ” and is required to provide food for the rest of the bands and musical crew.

While that might seem like a high price to pay to play it can pay off for new bands who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to perform. Other first time bands performers are required to work with the set up crews and break down crews.

The performing bands often set up their own booths after their 30 minute and of fame interact with their hardcore and newly won over fans. This ranges from selling one of a kind band merchandise to signing autographs.

Created in 1995 by SideOneDummy Record deal partner Keven Lyman the tour initially was preformed alongside extreme sporting events such as bmxing and skateboarding. It gained so much popularity that in 1998 it split from the sporting scene and became an international event.

Currently Warped Tour does gigs across the globe sporting shows in Japan, Canada and Australia.

Vans Warped Tour is also known for being economically friendly and reportedly has switched to using biofuels during their travels. The shows are almost always preformed outside reducing the amount of energy needed for the event.

Along with the many bands ready to rock out this weekend is the Boulder Colorado originated band called 3OH3! With its original rap/pop combo style of music the band has had hit records and became extremely popular on 99.9 and Pueblo’s own 96.1.

Other bands heading our way this weekend are Memphis May Fire, Manchild, The Summer Set, Five Knives, Itch, Goldhouse, Upon A Burning Body and While She Sleeps.

Using this year’s slogan of “The best day of your life” the Denver’s 2013 Warped Tour concert might actually deliver on their promise with its unique atmosphere and band interactions. As Kiss would say get ready music lovers to “rock and roll all night and party” for this one day only spectacular musical festivity.