Savages proved to be savage


Savages is an action packed movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. Photo from beyondhollywood.com.
The movie Savages was an outstanding production of two drug dealers fighting for true love and freedom.

The cast wasn’t full of extremely popular actors, but they did seem to put together a strong team. Aaron Johnson has played small roles in movies, but he got his first break with the movie “Kick-ass” and now he has returned to put on a great performance.

Johnson played Ben, the brains behind the operations of their marijuana plant, but just happened to be quite the humanitarian when he wasn’t selling marijuana. When he wasn’t in California putting together strains of marijuana, Ben was in Africa helping the youth learn.

The best friend of Ben, Chon, was played by Taylor Kitsch and was also another key ingredient to this masterpiece. Chon was the muscle for the operations when they needed physical repercussions against violators and his ex-Navy background reassured that he would be more than a savage.

To make the movie more interesting, they added in Blake Lively who played O. O was the lover of both Ben and Chon, but things get complicated as the Mexican drug cartel decided to get involved.

The simple and fulfilling lives they once had were about to take a turn for the worse. The Mexican drug cartel ordered Ben and Chon to partner up with them and help them improve their product or they would be taken out.

Ben offered to hand over everything to the cartel, but it was the knowledge and skills that the cartel really wanted. Ben knew exactly what it took to make the best marijuana in the world and Chon knew how to get the product out to the customers, effectively.

So when the two best friends refuse to partner up, the cartel took away a major part of their lives and forced them to make a tough decision. They could fight for their love or make a run for it without her.

It was proven that they could not and would not live a day without their shared lover, so they put on their bullet proof vests and headed into the war zone to fight for what was theirs. The partnership between Ben and Chon was a smart one and they played it smart in there actions to rescue O.

It was battle time and the movie took an action packed turn. All hell broke loose and the two went to war with the Mexican cartel. Though the Mexican cartel didn’t seem worried, Ben and Chon gave them reasons to reconsider. They fought for love and they fought for their freedom.

The movie is rated R and ran 131 minutes. It was directed for an adult audience and is highly recommended for an avid watcher of action movies. This film is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16. This film receives a 9.5 stars out of 10.

The movie was well written, excellently directed and perfectly executed. Savages is absolutely highly recommended and absolutely gets a two thumbs up.