Spotlight on Reading/Writing: Nick Isenhart


The TODAY’s Spotlight on Reading/Writing features CSU-Pueblo faculty, staff and students sharing their reading and writing experiences. The column is co-sponsored by the English and Foreign Languages Department and the English Club. This week’s feature highlights student Nick Isenhart.nisenhart.jpgName/department/educational background: Nick Isenhart, mechatronics major/creative writing minor in progress

What has been your greatest success in writing? (Personal writing, collaborative writing, completing a project or book, etc.): 150-plus page novel, still in progress and will likely need a total overhaul. But I know how it ends and maybe how the next one starts. I also write some short stories and poetry.

What do you struggle with in writing and how do you tackle that challenge? Names and cohesion. I tend to pull names from people I know, but I tend to obsess about names. Also most of my ideas come from vivid or lucid dreams. I try to work them in, which makes it wild and all over the place and hard to follow.

What’s your favorite book of all time? Author? Anything by Lovecraft.

What are you currently reading? Author? Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy

What’s your favorite guilty reading pleasure? Everything I read, I enjoy and difficulty is part of the pleasure. I love fantasy-type books that I can get lost in.

Do you have a favorite word or quotation and who is the author? Part of why I love Lovecraft is his command of the language. Even his incidental passages are poetic.

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