Spotlight on Reading/Writing: Quaneisha Collins


The TODAY’s Spotlight on Reading/Writing features CSU-Pueblo faculty, staff and students sharing their reading and writing experiences. The column is co-sponsored by the English and Foreign Languages Department and the English Club. This week’s feature highlights CSU-Pueblo student Quaneisha Collins.

qcollins.jpgName/department/educational background: Quaneisha Collins, freshman at CSU-Pueblo

What has been your greatest success in writing? (Personal writing, collaborative writing, completing a project or book, etc.): My greatest success in writing would have to be a paper I wrote in high school. This paper was to say who we believed the stronger sex was and why. I chose women because I am a woman, but the facts that I was able to find and put in my paper were amazing. This is a success because I got a good grade, and I just had learned how to use MLA format.

What do you struggle with in writing, and how do you tackle that challenge? My largest struggle would be following through with my thesis statement. I will start off with three points that I need to stick to, but I will end on a whole different subject. For me to overcome this challenge, I have to do a lot of revising.

What’s your favorite book of all time? Author? “Afterburn” by Zane because of the way that the words not only grab your mind but your heart. The author allows me to feel what the characters were feeling with her elaboration of the smallest details. She gives the perfect description of every person. Most importantly this romance has the perfect moral behind it that I was not expecting. Zane, an African-American author, has the most amazing writing skills. She is like the Michael Jordan of writing. The stories she writes make me want to be a part of the story. The best part about her writing is that with her romantic scenes, it’s the combining of souls or the love that has longed to be released.

What are you currently reading? “Behind Those Eyes” by T.P. Carter.

What’s your favorite guilty reading pleasure? I’m going to say “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah. The book is so good that I do not want to put it down no matter how many times I read it.

Do you have a favorite word or quotation? “Life’s tough so get a helmet.” I’m not sure who the author is but I like this quote a lot because it can relate to anyone and any situation.

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