Students’ Choice Awards

The Students’ Choice Award recognizes faculty and professional/classified staff for all that they do for the students of the CSU-Pueblo community. Photo courtesy of http://www.ccd.edu.

Every year, the students of Colorado State University-Pueblo express their gratitude to faculty and staff by nominating them for the Students’ Choice Award.

The Students’ Choice Award recognizes faculty and professional/classified staff for all that they do for the students of the CSU-Pueblo community.

There are two separate awards available, Outstanding Faculty Member and Outstanding Professional or Classified Staff. The candidates for these awards must be thoughtful, dedicated and supportive member to the students of CSU-Pueblo.

The candidate should meet the majority of the following criterion: has a relationship with students that encourages and promotes scholastic professional excellence, demonstrates caring and thoughtfulness when interacting with students, displays student advocacy, encourages student goals or aspirations, provides a direct impact on student success and has a sense of fairness and compassion for the university community as a whole.

Any student that attends CSU-Pueblo may nominate a faculty or staff member who has been employed at the university for at least one year.

Students are encouraged to nominate their past or current professors who demonstrate an outstanding amount of support and kindness for the students in their classrooms.

Students are sharing why they feel these awards are important for the university.

“I feel [these awards] are really important, because it’s not just students at the university, but faculty and staff as well. When students get the chance to recognize and nominate staff for different awards, it creates unity around the university,” Rafeal Elliott, senior biology major and vice president of Associated Students’ Government, said.

“These awards are important to recognize faculty and staff that are doing an outstanding job on campus, because it encourages other faculty and staff to become more involved on campus and it also sheds a light on those teachers striving to make change for the university,” Vanessa Emerson, business management major and senator of Hasan School of Business, said.

According to mass email sent out to campus, ASG senators solicit student nominations. The selection will begin with collaboration between the president, vice president and the speaker of the senate to narrow down nominations. The three will then submit their recommendation to the Senate.

Nominations are due by Tuesday, March 12. The winners will be recognized at the Faculty-Staff Recognition luncheon in April.

ASG asks that nominations state the qualifications for the award, including specific examples/rationale as they relate to the criteria for the award. Be aware that general positive comments, while complimentary, do not aid in establishing how and why the nominee deserves an award.

Students if you choose to nominate a faculty or staff member keep in mind that that you provide examples as to why or how the staff member you chose to nominate should receive the award.

Be very clear in relating your examples to the characteristics that your candidate must possess as well as the criteria that is to be followed. A simple compliment or positive comment will not assist your candidate in actually winning an award.

For more information and to nominate candidates, visit the ASG nominations page at http://www.colostate-pueblo.edu/ASG/Pages/StudentsChoiceAward.aspx