Students Inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society


For achieving a 3.5 grade point average in their first semester, 43 first-year Colorado State University-Pueblo students will be inducted into the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society during a recognition ceremony scheduled for 3:30 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, in the Occhiato University Center Ballroom.

Derek Lopez, Ph.D., CSU-Pueblo first programs director, said the recognition inspires inductees to continue to perform well academically, and it shows employers and graduate schools how well the student has performed since starting college.  Lopez said upon their induction, students become life-long members and part of a national cohort of high achieving students.
“If the student has continued to do well by graduation, membership exemplifies that that the student has a high standard for success, intellectual  capabilities and positive, self-regulatory skills,” Lopez said.  “The student is seen as a candidate for future success in an endeavor chosen.”
Membership also provides positive feedback to the students’ families and instills pride in the student.  Lopez said, “It (induction) is a reflection that students at CSU-Pueblo are provided opportunities to succeed and (are) rewarded for doing so.”
Inductees are: Tonya Arnold, Vicki Boley, Jake Blum, Sarah Carlson, Tara Lindsey-Chavez, Megan Clark, Jacob Eunice, Brady Evans, Aaron Fanning, Lia Fitzgerald, Andrew Fox, Gracie Gill, Linea Gingerich, Martina Granzella, Alissa Gregg, Justin Hadden, William Hanks, Jeremy Henry, Grogan Huff, Brittney Hunt, Kelsi Kovacich, Erica Leach, Emmie Malone, Alisha Marquez, Joqualine Maruello, Derek Maulsby, Jitka McGivney, Lori McGrath, Stephanie Micklich, Kate Nicodemus, Adriana Padilla, Heather Peebles, Jennifer Peschm, Collyn Rankin, Lindsay Reeves, Andrew Ritterling, Wenonah Rosete, Nick Sabye, Rachel Sanchez, Megan Sefcovic, Lindsay Tapia, Jennifer Weldon and Brittney Whatley.
Students, faculty and staff may bring guests and the public is invited to the reception following the ceremony.