Summer classes let students catch up, get ahead


This summer, Colorado State University-Pueblo will have numerous classes available within three different sessions.

The first four-week, six-week and 12-week sessions starts May 11, the second four-week session starts June 8, the second six-week session starts June 22, and the third four-week session starts July 6.Get ready by selecting your classes now. The schedule for summer classes at CSU-Pueblo is now available online on the university homepage in the 2008-2009 catalog.

There are many classes offered this summer with a different schedule times for students to attend.

“I decided to take summer classes because I am trying to graduate faster and be done with school sooner,” said Sarah Pacheco, a 22-year-old junior studying biochemistry at CSU-Pueblo.

Students obtaining financial aid can receive funds for summer classes in addition to their spring and fall semester classes.

“On a case by case situation, depending on the eligibility of each individual student, there are grants that will pay for their summer courses,” said Sean McGivney, the director of Financial Aid Services.

The rumor that students who receive financial aid can’t take summers off is ridiculous, according to McGivney. “That is like saying people who drive Volkswagens always eat cookies. It just makes no sense at all,” McGivney said in regards to this question.

Tuition costs for summer classes are the same prices they were this semester but tuition costs will change for the fall.

“I am going to take physics and microbiology this summer and then those will be out of my way for the upcoming spring semester,” Pacheco said.

Registration began March 9 for summer class and students can register up until the beginning of classes.

The deadline to register for summer classes vary depending on what summer session each student takes.

“Summer courses are a great way to get those classes you couldn’t take during the fall semester because of your heavy class loads,” said Alisha Summers, a 19-year-old freshman studying business at CSU-Pueblo.

A technical report from a University of Houston Department of Health and

Human Performance research found that students who take summer classes are actually more prone to getting better grades in the summer rather than in the fall or spring semesters.

“I think students get more attention in summer classes because not only are the class sizes smaller, but the professor can spend more time with the student on a more personal level,” Summers said. “I have never taken a summer class before, but I think that it will be good for me and what I’m trying to major in at CSU-Pueblo.”

“Summer at CSU-Pueblo is a great opportunity to pick up some extra classes to keep you on the path to your degree, your goals and your future success,” Summers said.