Sundown Lounge changes to Big Daddy’s Best Damn Sports Bar


Sunday’s attendance for the Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos games at Big Daddy’s Best Damn Sports Bar&Sunset Lanes really showed how the transformation and new owner have changed their business.

New owners of Best Damn Sports Bar&Sunset Bowling Lanes Ben Gradishar and Clark Reigenborn, general manager, are hoping to change the image of the facilities; the key focus being on the bar.

On July 2 transfer of ownership switched to Gradishar and Reigenborn. Formally known as Sundown Lounge, the two decided that a new name with the new image would be a good idea. However tackling a new image would be much harder than finding a new name.

“That’s why I decided to leave it up to my son,” Reigenborn said.

J.C. Reigenborn, former manager of well known local restaurant Tony’s ChopHouse, jumped at the offer to fulfill a dream of opening a sports bar. “ I had recently bought a place with my buddy, Tony Panariso, to start a new sports bar on the upper east side of town, however we have had a hard time starting (the bar), so I decided it was best if I first got experience with the help of my dad,” Reigenborn said.

Reigenborn figured J.C. wouldn’t have much of a problem starting a sports bar with his “past experience in managing and love for sports”.

Officially on July 2 the opening of the new Best Damn Sports Bar occurred. “ The bar underwent a few weeks of extreme cleaning; cleaning where you get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floors,” said Lori Reigenborn, wife of Clark Reigenborn and mother of J.C.

The bar has completely changed with walls covered with sports jerseys and HD televisions, a fully stocked bar, a full menu with low prices and great food and raffles going on every Broncos game. Gradishar commented that they hope to get a brand new bar counter, carpet, wall paneling and a few other additions once business picks up more.

That did not seem to be an issue on Sunday. With the Broncos and American League Championship Series games playing on the 11 televisions, the bar seemed to make a huge profit. “We made had a huge night tonight, that’s just on alcohol tonight.

According to Gradishar that’s more than double what this bar used to make in a night,” Reigenborn said.

Already the bar is seeing a mix of ages and people claiming they are going to be the new regular’s.

“With the cheapest prices in town, pool tables, great service and jersey raffles, you can bet on it I will be coming back next Sunday,” said Christopher Montoya, senior at CSU-Pueblo.

Reigenborn spread the word fast.

“We do raffles for authentic jerseys every Bronco’s game, and throughout the week we always have some special going on like $2 beers on Monday nights. We seem to be doing alright. Everyone knows how the whole process goes, my friends tell their friends and they tell their friends,”  Reigenborn said.

Gradishar has also done a good job of changing the image of the bowling alley connected to the bar. They have changed their prices to suit all ages and incomes and plan on adding upgrades to equipment.

“We replaced every TV out there on the lanes to flat screens with better color. Also there are two projector screens so we can project the sport’s games out onto the screens, that way everyone bowling can enjoy the games too,” Reigenborn said.

With all the change many would think a few problems would arise with the same staff.

However this is not the case. “I love the way this place is changing! I get a ton more business here, the regular bowlers always tell me how impressed they are with all the changes too,” David Cordova, manager of the snack bar, said.