The House Bunny Review


house-bunny-poster.jpgAmong a season of super heroes, old adventurers and male actors in a war setting, finally there comes a summer movie for the girls. The House Bunny is from the producers at Happy Madison. You know, the people who brought us Grandma’s Boy and Benchwarmers. They went in a new direction a bit with The House Bunny, starring Anna Farris.

The House Bunny is like Valley Girl meets Revenge of the Nerds. Shelley (Farris) is a Playboy Bunny who gets kicked out of the mansion and has to move on with her life. She ends up at a college with nerdy girls trying to save their sorority and in the mean time Shelley learns a lot about herself.

Of course there has to be a love interest and for Shelley it’s a smart and sensitive young man named Oliver. Their relationship is a hilarious disaster when he doesn’t fall for any of her tricks that she learned from the mansion.

Farris’ portrayal of Shelley is charming and funny and she really brings something new to the typical character. Shelley proves that she’s not as dumb as she looks and that pretty girls can have a lot of heart.

Also adding to the comedy of the movie is a somewhat newcomer who has graced us with her presence in several movies as of late, Emma Stone. Stone plays the leader of the nerdy sorority and does a good job in really capturing the essence of a shy, awkward girl.

Stone’s comedic timing is excellent with her weird rants and she brings a lot to the cast.
One of my favorite things about this movie is that the most dominant characters are female.

Of course there have to be men in the picture, but they always seem to take a back seat to the women and the things they are going through. Most of all, the romantic relationships take a back seat to the friendship and acceptance these girls experience and grow towards.

Don’t think that this is a movie just for the girls either. The characters and situations are genuinely funny and girls and boys can enjoy their antics. Also, it realistically portrays some of the inner workings of the female psyche which could be interesting to any male and maybe helpful the next time you get in a fight with your girlfriend.

Overall The House Bunny was a fun and amusing, lighthearted story that had a good lesson and is an enjoyable way to spend a night.