List announced, trimmed to two for CSM Dean


Colorado State University-Pueblo has selected two finalists to fill its vacant College of Science and Mathematics Dean position.

The list includes Dr. Charles Joseph Amlaner, Jr. Professor of Physiology in the Department of Biology at Indiana State University and Dr. Cheryl L. Klein Stevens, Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Xavier University-Louisiana.

After Dr. Proctor resigned from this position Dr. Janna McLean took over as the intern CSM Dean. The open position requires the Dean to provide leadership and administration for the faculty, staff and students of the College of Science and Mathematics.

“I will do some of the interviewing, but we have designated a search committee from the college to do most of the interviewing,” said Russ Meyer, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The search committee reviewed the multiple candidates’ vitas and reduced the number of candidates to two. “There were lots of good candidates and more than thirty people applied and we narrowed it down with telephones interviews ,” said Dr. Bill Brown of the Physics Department and member of the search committee.

“The Department will make a recommendation and we will go from there,” said Meyer in regards to the final decision.

When asked where the direction of the department might be headed a year from now Meyer said, “programs are growing rapidly, especially in Biology and new graduate programs are in progress.”

“We are doing interviews on campus in order to see which of the two will be the best Dean for CSU-Pueblo,” said Meyer.

Dr. Charles Amlaner, Jr. will interview on Friday, January 23 and Dr. Cheryl Klein Stevens will interview on Monday, January 26. There will be open forum sessions for the public from 2-4 p.m. on each of the dates in Life Sciences Room 105.

In reference to the future CSM Dean, Brown said, “We are hoping for strong leadership and creativity to help strengthen teaching activities.”