Review: “Underworld: Awakening” brings blood, chaos and entertainment


In the fourth installment of the “Underworld” series, the war among species continues as the vampire and Lycan races not only do battle against themselves, but now must face human opposition in “Underworld: Awakening.”

Photo courtesy of moviespad.com.

The film is rated R and was directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein. It was released nationwide Jan. 20.

The film stars Kate Beckinsale who returns in her role as Selene. Beckinsale has starred in all but one of the films in the series, “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,” which was filmed as a prequel to the original film. The latest film picks up where “Underworld: Evolution” left off.

The saga continues as Selene is captured by a group of humans and kept in a deep freeze for many years. In the future she is awakened by an unknown being and must figure out the world she has now become a part of.

Sticking to the theme of the other films in the series, “Underworld: Awakening” is filled with gory violence, automatic weapons and visual effects that keep your eyes peeled to the screen.

The new characters in the film add twists along the way, leaving Selene to carefully choose which side she is on.

Just because the movie is exactly what you would expect it to be doesn’t mean that it disappoints. With all of the romantic vampire/werewolf movies and TV shows out there, it’s a good break to be able to view those creatures for the blood thirsty monsters they are.

That being said, this is definitely not a movie for kids. Although there is not a strong sexual aspect to the film, the detailed violence is enough to give those faint of heart nightmares. The use of foul language is also very weak but the bloodshed seems to overpower any other rating factor.

Beckinsale is as appealing a character as she was in the original movie, and commands a certain presence in her role as Selene. The character is one in which she was seemingly meant to play as she looks naturally comfortable in her performance.

The supporting cast is not to be ignored either. Though they may not have the star power behind their names as Beckinsale does, their strong performances give life to this ongoing war. A good performance from a young actress also adds drama to the story.

The special effects, as with the other films, are great in detail and realism. A new type of creature debuted in the film is a great example of this. What’s also great about the use of the effects is that they differ from those used in the previous films. The directors came up with highly original content which helped strengthen the movie.

The plot stays true to the previous films and leaves the audience hoping for more. If you enjoyed the other “Underworld” films, it is a must for you to see this one. With the human aspect added to the war between vampires and Lycans, only further chaos can ensue.