University to host Comedy Central comedian


Comedian Marcus will be next up on CSU-Pueblo’s Comedy Central Presents series, Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., in Hoag Hall. 

Marcus is known for taking second place in 2008 on the sixth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He is an impressionist comedian and imitates Snoop Dog, Jay Z and Dane Cook, according to the MCLA Beacon.

“I love the older guys, but as an impressionist I learn to do a lot of the younger guys that nobody else is doing,” Marcus said. “I don’t get a lot of calls for Nixon, but people have always liked the Walken and Nicholson.”

Marcus drew inspiration from Rich Little, who was known as the Man of a Thousand Voices. He first saw Little perform at BYU when he was nine years old.

“It stuck with me. I’ve never let that go,” Marcus said. “I’ve always admired Rich.”

Marcus also has a number of other influences that drew him into performing.

“I started listening to this old radio show called Dr. Demento when I was seven or eight,” Marcus said. “It was the first time I heard stand-up and funny songs. It spoke to me.”

Marcus has a large number of tattoos on his arms, chest and back. Most notable is his portrait of Frank Sinatra on his left arm.

 “I’ve always admired him as a performer, what he did and how he was able to stick to what he believed in,” Marcus said.

Originally, he began as a professional wrestler and attended the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in San Antonio, Texas. His wrestling career ended early due to numerous injuries, according to Gold Star.

Marcus also tried entering the music industry from 2003 to 2005. When his musical career ended in 2005, he turned to the radio contacts he had and began writing jokes for a local radio station. Here, he met comedians who introduced him to stand-up comedy.