University to partner with Marketing Club to send students abroad

Photo from http://upload.wikimedia.org
This will not change the way that the program is run, but rather how much students will do. Photo from http://upload.wikimedia.org

Colorado State University-Pueblo is working to encourage students to take advantage of its study abroad program by partnering with the Marketing Club.

This will not change the way that the program is run, but rather how much students will do. The Marketing Club’s goal is to gather scholarship data and then compile it into usable data. It will gather stories, pictures and interviews from students and then compact the information into a pamphlet and an attractive website, according to Timothy Zercher, president of the Marketing Club.

“We believe we will help raise the number of students who consider, and actually execute, a semester or year abroad,” Zercher said.

Zercher spent a semester studying abroad in Italy and came back refreshed and rejuvenated from his international experience. He said he hopes this partnership with the study abroad program will encourage other students to travel out of the country and experience their own adventures.

Zercher came up with the idea of partnering the Marketing Club and the study abroad program, and he and his team worked out the details.

“It’s basically a partnership with the international office, so they are taking some work load and we are taking the other. We are also coordinating with the CSU-Pueblo website directors and external affairs,” Zercher said.

Zercher and his team feel that this partnership is of great importance and will play a significant role in the study abroad program.

The Marketing Club and study abroad program are excited to present their ideas to the community, and have high hopes that the partnership will spark a new interest among students to travel out of the country for a semester or a year at a time.

Their desire is to not only keep the study abroad program up and running, but to give it a new fire that will draw more students both to send to other countries and bring others to America as well.