USA Network ‘Suits’ returns with an exclamation point

USA Network “Suits” is back with a bang Courtesy of zap2it.com

It’s about to get real at the New York City law firm Pearson and Hardman. That could only mean one thing, the hit USA Network show “Suits” is back.

Only in its second season, the show has rave reviews. Critic after critic gives the show five stars, and it’s really no surprise. Glamour Magazine said it is “sooo good!” in a recent review and Entertainment Weekly Online called the show “addictive.” If you’re going to make time to tune into any show, make it this one!

In the pilot, senior partner, Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht), of the influential firm, Pearson and Hardman, hires Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as his associate. Mike is a super genius, thanks to a photographic memory, who never graduated college or law school. However, his extensive knowledge of law wins Harvey over and so the battle of keeping Mike’s secret begins.

Season two went into its mid-season break with a bang. Managing partner, Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), is shunned from the firm only after attempting to regain control after being let go from the firm years before, for embezzling money.

Mike is also dealing with the death of his grandmother and while grieving, he gets involved with his high school sweetheart, who ends up being married.

Mike is also on the verge of being exposed as a fraud, but there is nothing unusual there.

On Jan. 17, season two resumed, following its mid-season break, and was definitely not a disappointment.

Though there was some worry it wouldn’t live up to past season premiers, it did a more than decent job of introducing the next major set of complications concerning Mike’s secret. Is it no surprise antagonist and recently promoted senior partner, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is involved?

Mike Ross makes his first appearance at the firm since the death of his grandmother, who was his biggest motivation throughout the series, only to discover Rachel (Meghan Markle), his on again off again, more than friends, office fling, is giving off mixed signals… again.

The feelings Rachel and Mike have for each other haven’t diminished at all, and it is not looking like they are going to figure things out any time soon, which is good for the viewer because the tension just keeps building.

We learn that Rachel might not be the person she’s been portraying herself as when she admits she had an affair with a married man before. Those details are sure to complicate feelings between her and Mike even more.

On the professional side of things, Harvey and Mike take on a criminal case of a loyal client. The real drama comes when Mike has to decide the boundaries of right and wrong in the harsh world of law and how they particularly align with his bad-boy, misunderstood past.

Harvey once again is going to have to protect Mike, but this time might have a different ending. Only time will tell, but Louis is looking for revenge for rescinding his job offer to a recent Harvard graduate who says she has no memory of Mike in her class. Uh oh!

The show really isn’t like anything else on television. It’s not “Law and Order” nor is it quite in the realm of most political based plot lines. It’s all about power and the battles that come with it.

It is clear from the mid-season premier that the action will be accelerating and fast. Bottom line, the 2013 opener was good and sets the stage for what promises to be the end of the most exciting season yet.