Veterans help set up for the Cost of Freedom Tribute


One of the volunteer military veterans who helped with constructing the Vietnam Memorial Wall and Walk of Heroes on campus. Photo by Ye Ming
Another military veteran helping with the construct of the Cost of Freedom Truibute. Photo by Ye Ming
Volunteer military veterans helping unload sections of the Vietnam Wall. Photo by Ye Ming

Below are excerpts from the CSU-Pueblo TODAY article “Traveling event honors military for their services” by Bill Dagendesh.

The Cost of Freedom tribute, a four-day event that honors and remembers our uniformed sons and daughters who have served and are serving our country, is on display until Sunday, Oct. 3 on the campus grounds at CSU-Pueblo.

The American Veterans Traveling Tribute is conducting the event, which opened to the public on Wednesday. The AVTT is a group of military veterans who travel the country to honor, respect and remember those who served their country, and pay special tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Image of the actual Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Photo by Ye Ming


Military veterans helped set up displays, chatted with onlookers and shared stories about their military service. Army veteran Christobal Armijo said young adults don’t appreciate what service members experienced during the Vietnam War. It is a time, he said, that veterans wish they could forget.


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