Weekly Gripe: CSU-Pueblo not that bad


kristinanew1.jpg  For most people applying for college, CSU-Pueblo is not the first option on their list of choices. In fact, this university is usually a last resort or not even on their list as possible choices.
I think the reason for this is the bad reputation Pueblo has for being a town without much to offer.
Most people, even Colorado residents, do not even know Pueblo exists. And for those who do know where to find this little city on a map, few have anything nice to say about it.
Sure Pueblo is small, and we never get the joy of a snow day when every surrounding county does, and maybe there isn’t a lot to do here in comparison to larger college towns, but it’s not all bad.
My experience here in Pueblo has been, overall, pretty good. A large part of this good experience is my opportunity to receive my education at this university.
Sure CSU-P doesn’t share the same reputation as its counterpart in Ft. Collins, but I am honestly pleased with the education I’ve received here.
The fact that this university is small enables the opportunity to have a more personal connection with professors, and it is easier to seek out resources that help ensure success throughout the years here.
I feel like I have always had somewhere to turn when I have found myself struggling in any courses, or if I’ve had to miss class days because of illness or family emergency. I have always felt comfortable in approaching my professors to discuss grades or tests or any other difficulty I’ve encountered.
Aside from all the help, I also believe I have received a quality education. I honestly do not think I could have received a better education anywhere else.
This may sound like I am trying suck up to the university or something of that nature, but this is truthful.
When I arrived at this university as a college freshman, fresh out of high school, I was not pleased. I wanted to be at CU Boulder or CSU Ft. Collins with my friends, not to this no-name

little town. However, throughout my four years here I have been continually happy and pleased with the education I’ve received.
Friends of mine who went off to bigger colleges have had countless problems, whether it be that they became lost in the crowd, or that they didn’t get the help they needed because their professor had 400+ students.
I am proud to say, as a soon-to-be graduate of this university that, aside from a few minor bumps in the road, I have been consistently happy at this university. I am also proud to say with graduation just around the corner, I feel like I have been set up for success and that my degree earned here will make me successful in whatever I choose to do and wherever I choose to go in the future.
So, for all those people out there who have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all until you take the chance to see what this university has to offer and what it can bring to your future.