What do you want to see at CSU-Pueblo?


I watched a few college basketball games this weekend. They all had many things in common. One of them is the packed house. The crowd consisted of students and non-students dressed in school colors, a band, cheerleaders, etc. Of course, this doesn’t happen on all campuses.

Many questions ran through my head.  What about the Thunderwolves athletic department? Why don’t they get the same treatment? Is it because we are not in the same division? Is it because we are not nationally televised? There are so many questions. Unfortunately, we might not see the answers to them.

Athletics isn’t the only department in which school spirit isn’t present. College dances and various clubs have a hard time drawing in a crowd.

Face it, college is not like high school. We are all adults here and dances and sports are not as important to the student body as they once were. There is no such thing as the senior prom or Bell Game/Cannon Game/Pigskin Classic type of event for college students at Colorado State University-Pueblo. If there are such events, why aren’t they more out in the open?

We all have families and jobs that keep us away from going to such events on or off campus.

We’ve all seen different flyers around campus. Come join us for a movie! Look who will be on campus on this date! Some of us look at these bulletin boards and find some kind of interest in the events going on. Do we check out the events? Sometimes we do. Life happens and we forget about these special events going on here on campus. I know I have a tendency to forget.

It is almost that time of year again. When we have a nationally known artist come to Pueblo for our Spring concert. Who will it be this year? Who knows? I remember going to the last few events. I love going to concerts, however, the energy wasn’t the same. The sound quality wasn’t the same. Then again, Pueblo is not Colorado Springs or Denver.

Don’t get me wrong, what our student activities department is doing is great! Concerts in Pueblo save me gas, time and energy from heading north. I give them a lot of credit to bringing big names to Pueblo. The only time this happens is during the Colorado State Fair. To me, having big names come to Pueblo (thanks to the student activities department) is quite a gift.

I ask you, the student body, what should we do to draw a bigger crowd to these events? Should we do more promoting? Should we offer door prizes and raffle things off?

Should we put together events that are in-style now? Since we’re serving beer, should we have beer pong tournaments? Should we have a mixed-martial arts team in the athletic department? Leave your comments below. Offer CSU-Pueblo some suggestions. Hopefully, the powers-that-be reads. We won’t be heard unless we speak up.