“Wolf Idol” Showcases Hidden Student Talent


Acoustic folk ensemble The Jungle were ecstatic the night of Thursday, September 30, and for good reason–they won first place in the 2nd Annual CSU-Pueblo “Wolf Idol” competition.

“We feel blessed,” the band echoed. “We feel like if we played during the 1940s, we would’ve been burned at the stake.”

This year’s competition bore witness to some fresh talents, ranging from stand-up comedy to a martial arts routine, a singing R&B-style trio and a classical pianist.

Photo courtesy of the CSU-Pueblo Website
Photo courtesy of the CSU-Pueblo Website

According to events manager Tasha Romero, there was a major surge in the quality of performances on stage this year.

“We had so much good talent,” Romero said. “It was a really hard decision for the top three.”

Junior political science major Gustavo Endara sat impatiently through the judges’ decision, hoping his comedy routine would end up in the top three.

“I’m so nervous after my second act… I hate it,” Endara said. “I wouldn’t want to be a judge; it would be hard to say someone’s funny, and compare that to someone who’s a good singer.”

Unfortunately, Endara was beat out of the top spots by the singing trio, and a piano rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” First place, as previously mentioned–in the form of a $200 check–went to The Jungle.

“We feel like we could’ve been more prepared, but we also feel like we should be doing more shows,” said junior Bennet Trahan.

Trahan, a political science and philosophy major, plays guitar for the group. “We feel like no one’s heard us, and we want to share our love of music with everyone. It’s our way of life, and our way to build upon each other and ourselves.”

After the stage was cleared, Romero was left with positive feelings about the future of the “Wolf Idol” competition.

 “I am very proud of how the event turned out,” Romero said. “I hope to keep the tradition of this competition on campus.”