Wolves Den opens in Pueblo mall


wolfsden2.jpg The CSU-Pueblo Book Store expanded its branches over Thanksgiving weekend by opening the CSU-Pueblo Wolves Den in the Pueblo Mall.

Though connected to the CSU-Pueblo book store, the Wolves Den does not carry text books or materials for the upcoming semester.

Instead, it offers a wide variety of CSU-Pueblo merchandise from t-shirts, hooded jackets and infant wear, to coffee mugs, wall clocks and teddy bears. Even little chocolate mints with the CSU-Pueblo logo on them are available.

According to Stacey Douglas, the on-campus bookstore manager and manager of the new mall location, the Wolves Den was established to allow shoppers easier access to CSU-Pueblo merchandise over the holidays.

“We’re looking for different ways to connect to the community” Douglas said. “The Wolves Den allows us to be closer to the Alumni and any future students who have a hard time reaching the bookstore on campus.”

If the store is a success, other venues may be considered to sell CSU-Pueblo merchandise, Douglas said.

Being somewhat of an experiment, the Wolves Den will be open through the holiday season, but will close its doors on December 31, so shoppers must be quick if they want their CSU-Pueblo fix.

The Wolves Den will offer a variety of promotions and sales. The current promotion is a free miniature CSU-Pueblo football with purchases of $30 or more. Future giveaways and sales will be posted on the online CSU-Pueblo bookstore Web site.